Webinar: Benchmarking Supply Chain Animal Welfare on Dairy Farms – Wednesday, October 1 at 10:00 AM Central

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In 2014, consumers are demanding higher animal welfare in animal proteins they buy and eat. It’s time to take a structured approach to measure the performance of milk in your dairy case. We support dairy farmers by ensuring What Gets Measured Gets Done.  As a 3rd Party Assessor and under guidance of Dr. Temple Grandin, we assess Dairy Farm Animal Welfare Evaluations to guide you to put policies in place for communication to suppliers regarding on-farm improvements, training, corrective actions and if needed, removal from your approved supplier list.


In order to prevent the social media risk of animal cruelty videos at slaughter plants and transport of downed dairy cows in the supply chain, on-farm animal welfare measurements are required.  There is infrastructure already in place in the States and internationally. The Evaluation results simply need to be requested.  3rd Party Assessment of Evaluations is needed to ensure compliance as the Evaluations are not pass/fail.


Our methodology is being used at both Fortune 500 and growing food companies. Join Janice Neitzel of Sustainable Solutions Group for a free live event to learn you can support dairy farmers in your milk supply chain by ensuring What Gets Measured Gets Done.


Janice Neitzel guides top food industry decision-makers to plan and implement responsible sourcing improvements and messaging for higher welfare meat, dairy, and eggs. Ms. Neitzel is a stakeholder advisor for CERES food companies and is a speaker on the EU-US Animal Welfare Strategy panel. She has an MBA in Sustainable Management and is a Certified Group Facilitator.


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